Frequently Asked Questions

You have the questions, we have the answers.

What do I need to do for the pickup?

Just have your clothes ready, our Laundrie Fairies will have a bag to put your loose clothes in!

What are your opening hours?

We are opening from 9am to 10pm 7 days a week.

What areas do you cover?

We operate in Dublin city.

I can't find the correct category or item for the garment that belongs to me?

Just choose whichever seems most appropriate and we'll contact you should there be any issues.

Where do you take the laundry & dry cleaning to?

We work with our high end partners to ensure that your garments are taken care of by the most experienced and specialised cleaners

What if my garment is damaged in the process?

You are complete covered. We have a generous insurance policy to cover any mishap should it ever happen.... Fortunately we've never had one yet!

Can you remove all stains?

Our specialist cleaners use the highest quality equipment and industry leading stain removal equipment. We cannot promise all stains will be removed however you're in good hands, and if it's possible we'll do it!

Do I need to weigh my wash & fold bag?

No not at all, we weigh this ourselves and will pro rate it for you.

If you don't see an answer for your question here, get in touch with us!

We are available through email at or call us on 01 6719433.